Thanks for your interest in becoming a translator for Bering L. Please review the Confidentiality Agreement below.

Contractor acknowledges and agrees that he/she has access to and will obtain information which is proprietary and confidential to Bering L. and its clients and/or information that is a trade secret of Bering L. and its clients. Contractor acknowledges that this proprietary and confidential information includes, but is not limited to, business methodologies, pricing, margins, sales methods, sales s

trategies, marketing plans, customer lists, customer usages and requirements film processing, post-production, subtitling, and digital imaging information, technology, processes or procedures relating to existing or proposed products, services, and products and services in various stages of research and development, equipment design and performance specifications and measurements, processes, equipment, content protection measures, computer hardware and software, inventions, know-how, designs, formulas, test data, customer lists, or other subject matter pertaining to any business or otherwise, of Bering L. or any of its clients, customers, consultants, licensees or affiliates, regardless of the format (e.g., written, oral, or electronic) in which it is embodied. and/or any other information that derives independent economic value from not being readily known or ascertainable by proper means by others who can obtain economic value from the disclosure or use of such information (collectively “Confidential Information”).
Contractor acknowledges and agrees that Confidential Information gained by Contractor during the course of this Agreement was, is and will be developed by and/or for Bering L. and its clients through substantial expenditure of time, effort and money and constitutes valuable and unique property to Bering L. and its clients.
Contractor further acknowledges that Bering L. and their clients have used reasonable efforts to maintain the secrecy of its Confidential Information and that such information is not readily available to its competitors or the public in general. Contractor also acknowledges that Bering L. may ask them to destroy proprietary files and information upon completion of a project, and agrees to take necessary measures to make sure that this is done promptly and properly.
Contractor also acknowledges that Bering L. may use security measures to make sure this is done correctly. Contractor agrees that he/she will keep in strict confidence and will not, at any time, either during or after the termination of this Agreement, for whatever reason, and whether directly or indirectly, disclose, furnish, disseminate, reveal, report, publish, transfer, make available, use or permit to be used in any manner any of Bering L. and its clients Confidential Information without limitation as to how or when Contractor acquired such Confidential Information.
Contractor further agrees that retention or use by Contractor of Confidential Information outside of the Contractor’s performance under this Agreement and/or after the termination of this Agreement shall constitute a misappropriation of Bering L’s Confidential Information.

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