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Legal Translation by Lawyers


<Bering Legal, a Korean legal translation company, on a journey toward an AI-driven ‘lawtech’ firm>

MTN Reporter Yeah-ram Kim Bering Legal is a legal translation company composed of lawyers and paralegals from prestigious law schools and top law firms at home and abroad. Currently, Bering Legal is providing some 400 global companies and leading law firms, including Apple, CJ E&M, Disney, KT, LG Household & Health Care, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, SK Hynix, and Hyundai Motor, with a variety of legal translation services, such as contract and patent translation, with quality on par with large law firms yet at a 25 percent lower rate. This is possible because the company operates a virtual law firm whose most of the members work from home to minimize the fixed costs of operating a law firm, including rent. Seong Moon, CEO of Bering Legal, also revealed his ambition to advance the company into a lawtech firm by stepping up the development of a legal translation service using artificial intelligence (AI) in the future.   Read Full Article Here: https://news.mtn.co.kr/newscenter/news_viewer.mtn?gidx=2019080511211069590

<An “outsider who left a major law firm” pioneering the Korean legal translation market> 

MT Reporter Serin Ha After seven years since its founding, Bering Legal’s pool of experts has grown to more than 170 lawyers and 500 experts in a variety of fields such as finance, medicine, and IT. More than 400 global corporations and leading law firms, including Apple, Disney, Louis Vuitton, POSCO, and CJ E&M, are using its services. Bering Legal provides all kinds of legal translation services such as translation of contracts, letters, and court’s judgments all year round. The company is handling about 200 to 300 cases of legal translation a month with this year’s revenue expected to exceed 2 million dollars.   Read Full Article Here: https://news.mt.co.kr/mtview.php?no=2019092612518220449

<Competition Heating Up in the ‘Legal Translation Market’ Generating Annual Revenue of 200 to 300 billion Won>

There are matters of “efficiency” and “security” behind the reason why law firms that have abundant human resources turn to legal translation agencies. As large law firms time-charge legal fees, clients often don’t like to see the timesheet filled with “translation.” “It is very inefficient for large law firms to directly perform all translation work with their own staff. If clients are cost-sensitive, law firms outsource translation to an agency. In that case, translation companies specializing in legal translation such as contract translation can guarantee both the quality and confidentiality of translation projects by utilizing their own pool of lawyers,” said Seong Moon, CEO of Bering Legal.   Read Full Article Here: https://www.lawtimes.co.kr/Legal-News/Legal-News-View?serial=156645

<Attorney Jung-mo Ryu, a Pioneer of ‘Legal Tech’>

Law Times Reporter Seongmin Wang “The paradigm of machine translation has dramatically transformed as Google introduced a translation program based on machine learning. We would also like to pioneer the legal tech sector by developing an artificial neural network-based translation engine and further combining artificial intelligence (AI) technology and law.” This is according to Jung-mo Ryu, a lawyer who recently joined Bering Legal, a company specializing in Korean legal translation including contract translation, after quitting a top law firm. He graduated from the Korea Science Academy and studied computer science and mathematics at Duke University in the United States.   Read Full Article Here: https://www.lawtimes.co.kr/Legal-News/Legal-News-View?serial=157098